Metering Cartridges

Metering Cartridge

With wide distribution network and reliable client base, we offer Metering Cartridge at a wide range of specifications. These Cartridges are made up of high quality raw materials. The cartridges play a vital role in many industrial pumping and lubricating systems. It has a wider application in industries such as cement, textiles, paper etc. These products available with us are at a wide range of specifications. We offer these efficient products at an affordable price.

 Technical Specifications:

Model No.


SS D-1

With Dosage 0.01cc, 0.03 cc, 0.05 cc, 0.10 cc and 0.16 cc per stroke.

SS D-2

With Dosage 0.25 cc, 0.40 cc, 0.50 cc, 0.60 cc per stroke.

SS D-3

With Dosage 1.0 cc, 1.60 cc, 2.0 cc, Per stroke